Holiday Lighting in Dublin, Gahanna, Powel, and Columbus, Ohio
Custom lighting project in Columbus Ohio
Praise from Lisa H., a holiday lighting client in Gahanna, Ohio near Columbus.

LED Lights

LED lights are perfect for indoor or outdoor operation. The consume only 10% of a conventional incandescent light of the same type and imagine this -- Connect over a half-mile of commercial grade L.E.D. lighting with state-of-the-art technology using only 2.3 AMP! THE POWER OF JUST 1 PLUG!

Say goodbye to the Edison incandescent light bulb! The Edison's light bulb was invented in 1879 and has been the primary source of lighting for all these years.nn

L.E.D.s are constructed from tiny solid-state chips that directly convert electricity to light. These light chips are housed in solid plastic that can be made into a variety of "bulb" shapes and sizes. LED's do not produce intense heat like a conventional bulb and the lenses (or bulb shapes) can be made of nearly indestructible solid plastic.



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